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Natalia Rogaczewska


[= værdi, value and barsel, parental leave]


VÆRDBAR delivers unique advise on how to turn parental leave into value for both companies, management, and employees. Services depend on your needs and are always customized to fit. That's why we prefer to meet and get to know you better as we do much more than what a webpage can show.


We work in both Danish and English and here are some of the most popular services, we are delivering at the moment. 



We did all the research, so you don't have to.

VÆRDBAR's founder, Natalia, collected data from almost 300 parents, interviewed top CEO's and read all the research and academia, she could find. 


Then she connected dots that haven't been connected before in her book on strategic management of parental leave, "Barsel på Bundlinjen".


Whatever your question or challenge, VÆRDBAR's got the unique knowledge to deliver the answer - and we always stay updated, so you get the latest news!

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